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Express Consignor Information


Thank you for your interest in Lollitots Express Tagging Services. This has been a very successful program and we feel it is the perfect solution for those who can't tag their own items. These spots are limited and given on a first come, first serve basis.

New: Please do not fill out the form until your items are ready and you can meet with your tagger within 48 hours.

NEW: You must fill out the form on our website to be protected under our policies.  If you have used our services before, you still must fill out the form, but in the optional comments just list that you would like to use your previous tagger and provide their name.

The Express Tagging split is 50/50, meaning you receive 50% of everything that sells; your Express tagger will receive 20%; and Lollitots will receive 30%.  These percentages will be paid out by Lollitots Consignment.

There is a consignor fee and a supply fee to Express Consign.

  1. All consignors (regular and express) pay the consignor fee of $15 when you register for the sale via Paypal.  This fee secures your spot to consign and helps cover the cost of rent and advertising for the sale.  This fee is non-refundable.

  2. The supply fee covers hangers, pins, card stock, zip ties, baggies, and anything else used to tag your items as an Express Consignor.

  3.  Your supply fee is paid directly to your Express tagger.  There is a supply fee deposit of $15 that covers your first 100 items.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you go above 100 items, there is an additional fee of $1 for each additional 10 items.  We order from a supplier, and you are charged at our cost.  All supply fees are paid to your Express tagger and your items will not be dropped off until these costs are settled.  We will not be deducting any supply fees from your checks this year because the taggers are paying for these items themselves.  

  4. If you do not wish to pay a supply fee, you can provide your own supplies to your Express Tagger. There is still a minimum supply fee of $5 for printing tags. 


Once you have registered and filled out your form, you are paired with the Express tagger best suited to your needs. This tagger is your main contact to guide you through the entire sale. Once matched, the tagger will email you within 24 hours with further instructions.  You will NOT be paired with a tagger until you have registered, and your items are ready.


  1. Register yourself on our online system and pay your consignor fee.


  1. Collect and prepare items for your Express tagger.


  1. Check the list of accepted/non accepted items for the current season and sale on our website at  Spring/Summer sales will not accept winter clothing and materials, coats, boots, Halloween costumes, fall décor, and other off-season items.  Fall/Winter Sales will not accept summer clothes, bathing suits, sandals, spring/summer décor, and other off-season items.

  2. Clothing and Home Good items need to be in trend (less than 5 years old) and in Excellent condition.  Please consider donating your play clothes to one of our many charities and saving your best items to be tagged.  All games and toys must be in like new condition.  Batteries and all pieces must be included to be accepted. 

  3. The following categories are limited by number.  Please select the BEST items in these categories to send as we cannot tag additional items in these categories due to space and interest.

    1. Women’s Clothing- 10 items from our accepted brands list

    2. Maternity Cothing-10 items

    3. Newborn to 6 months Clothing- 25 items per gender

    4. Junior Clothing- 50 items

    5. Shoes- 15 items (Adult shoes- 5 items from our accepted brands list)

    6. Books- 20 items

    7. Purses/ Bags- 5 items

    8. Home Goods- Not accepted for this sale

  4. Clothing must be washed and checked for stains and placed in size order. If an item is part of a matching set, please pair those together. 

  1. New for Spring 2020:  There is a $35 fee for anyone that has more than 20 rejected items due to not accepted, off season, or extreme stains.  Our taggers try to cover as many Express Consignors as possible and we want to make sure they aren’t wasting their time going through, storing, and returning items we don’t accept.  We are doing this in hopes that you will take the time on the front end to make sure what you are providing them is of the BEST quality.  We only want the best items and hope you will consider donating any items that are not in top condition.


  1. Once you have your items ready to go, fill out the form on our website at You will not be matched until all of the above-mentioned steps. Have been completed.



  1. Check with your tagger to ensure they have room to store any larger items or equipment if applicable. If not, we will work with your tagger to get these items stored for you.


  1. Your items must be dropped off in totes with your consignor number written largely on the side.  Please also make sure to provide your login information to your tagger. This allows your tagger to log in and enter items.


  1. Your tagger will either email the Express Tagging contract for your signature to return when you drop off items or have it available when you meet. The contract must be signed before the tagger begins working on your items.


  1. New for Spring 2020: Taggers will not be accepting any items after March 31 to allow them to have time to properly tag and deliver all items.


  1. Once you have dropped off your items, your tagger then hangs, enters, pins, and drops off your items at the sale.


  1. Come shop the sale with your early Consignor Access.  All Express Consignors will have your name on a list at the door for entry to the Consignor Pre-Sale.  These times will be listed on our website and emailed out to you.  You will also get access to shop our discount days a day earlier than the public.


  1. You are responsible for pick up after the sale during the designated times and dates.   After the sale has started, we will email when the pickup times go live on the website.  You will need to log into your online account a select a time to pick up your unsold items. You are also welcomed to donate all of your unsold items if you do not want to pick them up.  If you donate your items, you do not need to select an appointment to come pick up your check during pick up times.  If you are not picking up a check, a self-addressed stamped envelope will need to be provided to your tagger to drop off with your items.  All of those checks will be mailed out by the Friday following the last day of the sale. 

These procedures allow taggers to work quickly and efficiently as their time is valuable.  Thanks

once again for your interest in our Express Tagging Services! We look forward to working with you.

Ashely Byrd, Andrea Robinson

VIP Directors

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