VIP Introduction Letter

Thank you for your interest in Lollitots VIP Consignment. This has been a very successful program and we feel it is the perfect solution for those who can't tag their own items. These spots are limited and given on a first come, first serve basis.


Our VIP tagging team has an immense amount of consignment experience. They are trained prior to the sale to ensure our tagging program runs smoothly and consistently. Our VIP Consignors often have some of the largest checks. This is a great opportunity to get paid to clean out your closets.


The VIP split is 50/50, meaning you receive 50% of everything that sells.

 You are paired with the VIP tagger best suited to your needs. This tagger is your main contact to guide you through the entire sale. Once matched, the tagger will email you within 24 hours with further instructions. They receive 20% of items sold, taken from our percentage, not yours.


There is a consignor fee and a supply fee to VIP consign. All consignors pay the consignor fee to cover rent and advertising of the sale. The supply fee covers hangers, pins, and card stock used for your items as a VIP Consignor. Your supply fee starts at $12 and covers your first 100 items.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you go above 100 items, there is an additional fee for extra hangers and pins or you can supply your own. We order from a supplier and you are charged at our cost-- hangers are 10 for $1.20.


You will register yourself on our online system. Then collect and prepare items for your VIP tagger.


-Clothing must be washed and paired in matching outfits and placed in size order.

 -Those items not in outfits may be grouped in sets of 2-3. Sleepers and onesies also sell best in groups of 2-3. Items not in outfits/sets rarely sell and will not be tagged.

 -Remove all clothing with stains and defects. These will not be tagged. We only accept top quality items--those items you yourself would purchase.

 -Double check the website for limits on various types of clothing.

 -Check with your tagger to ensure they have room to store any larger items. If not, we will work with your tagger to get these items.

 -Your items must be dropped off in totes with your name and login information with your tagger. This allows your tagger to log in and enter items.

 -Your tagger will either email the contract for your signature to return when you drop off items or have it available when you meet. The contract must be signed before the tagger begins working on your items.


These procedures allow taggers to work quickly and efficiently as their time is valuable.


Your tagger then hangs, enters, pins, and drops off your items at the sale. You are responsible for pick up after the sale during the designated times and dates. You are also welcome to donate all of your unsold items--just let your tagger know at drop off.


Thanks once again for your interest in Lollitots VIP Consignment! We look forward to working with you.

Lauren McDonald

VIP Director

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