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 Consignor Q & A


How do I become a consignor?

You must first register through our online tagging service.  You can click on the top of the page on the button that says consignor login. After that, take a look at our consignor tab and familiarize yourself with the items we do and do not take as well as some basics on tagging and hanging items.


What is my consignor split?

Consignors make 70% of everything that sells less your registration fee.  You can earn  more percentage by signing up to work the sale.



What is the registration fee? 

Our registration fee is $20 and allows us to rent great spaces to hold our sales as well as assist with advertising shoppers into the sale.  

Why must I pay the registration fee up front?

By requiring our consignors to pay up front, it allows us to keep the cost low for registration by knowing that we have committed consignors who want to use their spot.  When you register with our system and don't fulfill your spot, you are filling a spot that could be used for another consignor. It also helps us to know how many consignors to expect and plan for set up. 


If I pay my consignor fee and do not end up consigning, is my fee reimbursed?

Unfortunately all of our registration fees are non-refundable in order to keep cost low. 

How do I go about tagging and pricing my items to sell?

Check out the consignor tab on our website for full tagging instructions as well as a price guide.  If you are unsure of the process- try checking out our Express Tagging services to have one of our trained team members price and tag for you. 


Is it worth it to discount my items?

Yes, yes, yes!  Many shoppers coming on closing weekend looking only for items marked for a discount. A lot of our consignors will increase their checks by 30-50% during discount days. 

What if I don't want any of these items back?

Consider donating your unsold items.  We have a dollar dash where we sell the donated items and the money goes to benefit our different charities each sale.  We donate the unsold items to Nashville Dream Center. 

Do I need a drop off appointment?  How do I schedule one?

Yes- all drop off is by appointment only.  We do this to make sure we can get you in and out quickly and you are not standing in long lines waiting to drop off.  Your drop off time depends on how many volunteers we have working, so please anticipate 20-30 minutes for this process.  Before unloading your items, come check in first and do not leave until you have made sure all of your items have been checked in and accepted.  To select an appointment, log into your consignor account and you will see all available appointment times listed.





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