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How Do I Consign?

Step 1:

Determine what level of consignor you want to be for the upcoming sale by checking out the options below.


Earn up to 85% of your sales

You prepare and tag your own items.

You drop off at the location during your appointment.

$20 consignor fee

Pick up or Donate unsold items.

Sign up to work volunteer shifts to shop early and earn shopping credit or higher percentage of sales.

Shop Sept. 21

Check out all the Worker Perks Here!


Earn 70% of your sales

You prepare and tag your own items.

You drop off at the location during your appointment.

$20 consignor fee

Pick up or Donate unsold items.

Shop Sept. 21 @5pm

Express Consignor

Earn 50% of your sales

You drop off your items to your tagger to handle.

Your tagger hangs, enters, pins tags, and drops off your items for you you.

$20 consignor fee plus a supply fee depending on the amount of items you have. Supply fees are set by your tagger. 

Pick up or Donate unsold items.


Shop Sept. 21 @5pm

Step 2:

Register as a Consignor for the current sale.

  • Before you begin tagging items, you will need to register as a consignor with Lollitots consignment.  For the first sale, you will register as a new consignor, and then you can keep your existing consignor number for future sales. 

  • There is a $20  fee paid up front by all consignors via PayPal when you register.  Your spot is not reserved until you have paid your fee.

  • When selecting a number, please choose a 4 digit code with two letters and 2 numbers.  For example: AB12. 

  • Don't forget to join our Consignors Only Facebook Page for up to date information.

  • Click HERE to register.




Step 3:

Gather and Prepare your items.

  • Make sure to check out the list of accepted/not accepted items HERE.

  • Clean all toys and equipment thoroughly.

  • Make sure all toys have working batteries and include all the pieces.

  • When preparing your clothes make sure they are washed and ironed with all buttons buttoned and zippers zipped. This will give your item a newer appearance and a better chance of selling.

  • Price accordingly. Keep in mind that there will be similar if not identical items that you might be selling and you want to be comparable on your pricing so your item sells.

  • When tagging your items, make sure to check them in natural light to see stains that might not show up otherwise.

  • For the correct way to tag your items, check our out tagging tips and tagging video HERE.

Step 4:

Enter Items, Print Tags, and Secure Tags on your items

  • Log into your account to enter your items.

  • Check out our the pricing guide from  Consigning Mommies HERE.

  • We suggest discounting your items to make the most of your sale.  Shoppers are mainly looking for discounted items on discount days.

  • For printing your tags, check out our guidelines HERE.

Step 5:

Schedule an appointment and drop off items

  • Under your consignor account, you will see an option for a drop off appointment. 

  • When you arrive you will need to have your items in size order separated by gender for inspection.

  • Please allow 20-30 minutes for your drop off appointment while your items are checked in.


Step 6:

Shop the Consignors Only Exclusive Pre-sale

  • Upgrade your shopping time by working a shift or bartering a needed item.

Step 7:

Pick up unsold items that you are not donating.  

  • After you drop off your items, we will open up pick up appointments.  You will select a time under the same area you selected your drop off time.

  • We encourage you to consider donating your unsold items.  We work with the Nashville Dream Center each sale by giving them the donated items to supply their Free Clothing Store.  



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