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Express Tagging Q & A

 What is the split for VIP consignors?
Our Express Consignors receive 50% of the selling price of all sold items less your consignor fee and a supply fee.  Your supply fee is based off how many items you have and will be paid directly to your Express Tagger.   

Why do I have to pay a supply fee on top of my consignor fee?
This cost is for your hangers, pins, cardstock and other items used to tag your stuff.  We order in bulk and pass along those savings to you are our cost.  You can also choose to provide your own supplies if you do not however, a minimum fee is charged for ink and printing tags.

Will I still make money at 50%?
Yes!  Our Express Consignors often have some of our biggest checks because our team knows how to price your items to get you top dollar, but also to sell the most merchandise.   

What am I responsible for?
1. Registering for the sale and paying your consignor fee.
2. Preparing your items according to our guidelines. You will be sent a packet on how to prepare your items.
3. Meeting your Tagger to drop off your prepared items. 
4. Picking up any unsold items at the end of the sale. You can choose to donate anything that is not sold to our charities we work with to avoid picking up any unsold items. 

What is my tagger responsible for?
 1. Your tagger will contact you to arrange a time to meet you to get your items. 
2. Your tagger will hang your items.  All items need to be CLEAN prior to dropping off.  
3. Your tagger will enter your items into our online tagging system and price them for you.  
4. They will print your tags and attach them to your items. 
5. They will drop off your prepared items to the sale during our drop off times. 

Do I get to shop the consignor Pre-Sale?
Yes! You will get to shop our Consignor Pre-Sale with the rest of our consignors.  You will get an email with a link to sign up for your free shopping pass. 

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